USCAA Small College National Championships

Over the years, you may have heard how the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) has grown from a meager organization of 40 members in 2005 to over 80 in 2019.  Now, in 2020 the USCAA has a new trademark that we believe will take our National Championship tournaments, our brand, and public relations to a new level.  

Introducing the…

If you struggle to have recruits identify with what they will be playing for annually, the USCAA has a solution.  You can compete for our nation’s “Small College National Championships.”  The NAIA and others have recently promoted their connection to small college America.  But, none have a mission that requires us to accept small colleges based on size, budget, scholarship levels, and competitive advantages except the USCAA, and we have been serving this mission since 1966 when we began as the National Small College Athletic Association. Additionally, the USCAA provides a first-class experience for approximately a third of the cost of the NAIA.  

In 2020, USCAA members will be able to tell their recruits that they compete for the Small College National Championships, something immediately explicable to recruits, parents, and fans.  If you are interested in learning more about the USCAA, our advancement and the competitive advantage we can provide you please email us at  We will send you additional marketing materials and I will follow up by phone or email personally to set up a virtual or in person meeting.  I am confident that the USCAA will give your athletic program more National Championship opportunity, more student-athlete recognition, and a place in a national movement that will seek to renovate the collegiate landscape.


Matthew Simms
Executive Director, USCAA