USCAA Statement Regarding COVID-19

USCAA Statement Regarding COVID-19

The USCAA is remaining vigilant in its review of COVID-19 and the CDC recommendations.  Yesterday, we concluded the Division II USCAA Basketball National Championships and opened ceremonies for the Division I Championship.  Through memo and in the coaches meeting, we asked coaches to remain attentive to their players, promoting good hygiene, and recommending washing hands regularly.  Penn State Fayette (host site), took the lead on installing additional hand sanitizer stations throughout the tournament and maintenance staff will be cleaning locker rooms regularly.  We do intend to finish the 2020 USCAA Basketball National Championships.

We have spoken to the USCAA Executive Council, and we aim on having a USCAA Board of Directors meeting within the week to address the following issues:

  • Continuation of spring sports and the 2020 USCAA Small College World Series
  • Impacts on scheduling, rankings processes, and selections should we move forward with play
  • Eligibility for student-athletes affected by cancelled seasons 

As of now, the Small College World Series and USCAA National Convention are on as scheduled.  As always, the USCAA respects the autonomy of the member institution to make decisions that are in its best interest.  The USCAA will be recommending that students whose seasons are canceled receive hardship waivers, under specific provisions. 

We will have more for you in the coming week and as we know more about the situation.