As authorized by the USCAA National Office and Board of Directors - All USCAA student-athletes in the sports of baseball, softball, and track & field will have a season of competition returned to them for non-participation in the 2020 year due to COVID-19.  The following provisions apply to this decision:

  1. The student-athlete must be registered via USCAA eligibility reports in the ACS system.
  2. The athlete’s institution must end competition no later than March 27, 2020.  A letter from the President or Vice President must accompany the institution’s declaration, verifying that all competition dates were cancelled beyond this date. 
  3. The athlete’s name, institution, and sport must be filed with the USCAA by June 30, 2020.  Athletes may request confirmation of their registration by email at
  4. Student-athletes are not receiving a full “year” of competition.  Dual sport athletes may not compete for than four seasons in their other sports.  They will only be granted an additional “season” of competition in either baseball, softball, and/or track & field.
  5. All student-athletes who meet this criteria and are registered may compete in up to two seasons of competition as a graduate student if they are at the institution from which they received their bachelor’s degree (as outlined in Bylaw 24.6.8).  Athletes may not transfer their returned season of competition to a USCAA member for participation as a graduate student.

Athletic Directors who meet the above criteria should complete the spreadsheet that was emailed out and return it to or at your earliest convenience (and not later than June 30).