The USCAA accepts nominations for its National All-Academic Team for each sport offered by a member institution. For authorized USCAA sports nominations will be opened during that sport's season. For non-USCAA sports, nominations are accepted at the conclusion of that season. The USCAA will announce when nominations are opened and when they will close via press release for the authorized sport and non-USCAA sport National All-Academic teams.

Recipients of National All-Academic Team honors who are in attendance at the championship banquet will be awarded. All other student-athletes, and those awarded on the non-USCAA sport National All-Academic Team will receive their certificates through mail. 

USCAA National All-Academic Team Guidelines

  • All student-athletes with 24 or more credits on their USCAA transcripts shall be eligible for the National All-Academic Team.
  • Overall (cumulative) grade point averages must be 3.50 (on a 4.00 point system) or greater.
  • GPA’s must be documented by way of an unofficial school transcript.